Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy

Definition: Pregnancy that occurs outside the uterine cavity.

Classical clinical triad: Seen only in 45% of cases


Abnormal vaginal bleeding

Palpable adnexal mass

Other S/s:


Adnexal tenderness

Cervical excitation tenderness


1.    Any tubal abnormality

2.    Previous tubal pregnancy

3.    H/o tubal reconstructive surgery

4.    Pelvic inflammatory disease (e.g., Chlamydia salpingitis)

5.    Intra-uterine contraceptive device (IUCD)

6.    Maternal factors (increasing age and parity)

7.    Previous C-section


  Coexistent intrauterine and ectopic

  Increase risk in multiple pregnancies with ovulation induction and IVF

  Correlation with β-hCG levels should be done


1.    Empty uterus with decidual cast or pseudogestational sac is seen

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