Gastric Metastases and Lymphoma

Gastric Metastases and Lymphoma

Michael P. Federle, MD, FACR

R. Brooke Jeffrey, MD

(Left) Axial CECT in a 69-year-old man shows widespread metastases from the patient’s known metastatic melanoma, including the gastric wall image, lymph nodes image, and omentum image. (Right) Axial CECT in the same patient again illustrates classic widespread metastases from melanoma, here involving the small bowel image, lymph nodes image, and omentum image, with both nodular and diffuse metastases seen. In addition, the left ureter was obstructed due to a ureteral/retroperitoneal metastasis.

(Left) Upper GI in a 70-year-old man with weight loss and dyspepsia reveals distortion and blunting of the gastric folds. In spite of what appears to be diffuse involvement of the stomach, there is no outlet obstruction, and the stomach is distensible. (Right) Axial CECT in the same patient shows massive thickening of the gastric wall of soft tissue attenuation. Note the extensive regional lymphadenopathy and omental tumor deposits image. These findings are typical of gastric lymphoma.



  • Gastric metastases from primary cancer

  • Lymphoma: Malignant gastric tumor of B lymphocytes


General Features

  • Best diagnostic clue

    • “Bull’s-eye” lesions on imaging

Fluoroscopic Findings

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