Intramural Pseudodiverticulosis

Intramural Pseudodiverticulosis

Michael P. Federle, MD, FACR

(Left) Endoscopic photograph shows the opening of innumerable pseudodiverticula, many arranged in orderly, longitudinal rows. (Right) Spot film from a barium esophagram demonstrates the classic findings of innumerable tiny collections of barium within the esophageal wall. Decreased primary peristalsis and tertiary contractions were also evident on fluoroscopy.

(Left) Two views from a double contrast esophagram reveal innumerable tiny, flask-shaped outpouchings along the entire length of the esophagus, findings pathognomonic of pseudodiverticulosis. (Right) Film from a barium esophagram demonstrates a small hiatal hernia image and a short peptic stricture

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Jun 8, 2016 | Posted by in GENERAL RADIOLOGY | Comments Off on Intramural Pseudodiverticulosis

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