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Gerald F. Abbott, MD



  • Secondary pulmonary lobule (SPL)

Overview of Pulmonary Lymphatics


  • Tubular structures forming vascular channels

  • Complex network of vessels and lymphoid tissue aggregates in lung, pleura, hila, and mediastinum


  • Collection of lymphatic fluid from pleural space, visceral pleura, and pulmonary parenchyma

  • Conduit of lymphatic fluid towards hila

Anatomy of Pulmonary Lymphatics

General Concepts

  • Complex network of vascular channels

    • Reservoir lymphatics; broad, ribbon-like morphology

    • Conduit lymphatics; tubular morphology

    • Saculotubular lymphatics; plexiform complex around vessels and bronchi

  • Bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue

  • Intrapulmonary lymph nodes

  • Intrapulmonary peribronchial lymph nodes

General Anatomy

  • Along airways to level of respiratory bronchioles

  • Along pulmonary arteries and veins

  • Within interlobular and connective tissue septa

  • Within visceral pleural connective tissue

Anatomy of SPL Lymphatics

  • Peribronchovascular lymphatics

    • Along lobular pulmonary arteries and proximal lobular airways to level of respiratory bronchioles

  • Perilobular lymphatics

    • Along interlobular septa

  • Visceral pleural lymphatics

    • Along visceral pleural surface

Imaging of Normal Lymphatics

Normal Intrapulmonary Lymphoid Tissue

  • Intrapulmonary lymph node; small, subpleural, or parenchymal, ovoid or elongated, soft tissue nodule

  • Intrapulmonary peribronchial lymph nodes; small nodular opacities at bronchovascular bifurcations

Lymphatics of SPL

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