, Stefano Fanti1 and Lucia Zanoni1

Department of Nuclear Medicine, Universitary Hospital Sant’Orsola-Malpighi, Bologna, Italy


Endometrial Carcinoma


Fig. 5.1
(a, b) Huge mass in the endometrium involving the uterine body


Fig. 5.2
Endometrial and ovary cancer in a breast cancer patient

CT findings in endometrial cancer include:

  • Relatively hypo-attenuated mass in the region of the endometrial cavity which may show uniform attenuation or may be heterogeneous, with or without a contrast-enhanced component

  • Polypoid mass surrounded by endometrial fluid

  • Heterogeneous soft-tissue mass/masses and fluid expanding the endometrial cavity

  • Tumor involving multiple regions of the endometrium or the entire endometrial surface

  • Fluid-filled uterine cavity marginated by mural tumor implants

  • Fluid-filled uterine cavity secondary to obstruction of the endocervical canal by tumor that is not depicted or delineated clearly.

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