Case 48

Case History

A 63-year-old woman presents for a screening mammogram.

Physical Examination

•   normal exam


Mass (Fig. 48–1)

•   margin: spiculated

•   shape: irregular

•   density: equal density


Figure 48–1. In the left upper medial breast, there is a spiculated mass that is more prominent on the CC view compared with the MLO or ML views. (A). Left MLO mammogram. (B). Left CC mammogram. (C). Left ML spot compression mammogram. (D). Left, CC spot compression mammogram.



•   11.5 MHz

Mass (Fig. 48–2)

•   margin: ill defined

•   echogenicity: hypoechoic

•   retrotumoral acoustic appearance: severe shadowing, mass completely obscured

•   shape: irregular (Fig. 48–2)

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