Chapter 179



Infection originating from the buccal space is uncommon. However, cellulitis spreading into the buccal space from adjoining spaces or structures can frequently be detected. Infection usually originates in the face, buccal cavity, and masticator space and mandible or odontogenic structures. Other causes include a variety of traumatic injuries.

Clinical Findings

Cellulitis involving the buccal space is, as a rule, overshadowed by infection in the space or structure of origin. Clinically, inflammation is detected in the cheek anterior to the masseter muscle.


The buccal space can be involved in patients with mandibular osteomyelitis or odontogenic or masticator space abscess. These patients are typically adolescents or adults with poor oral hygiene. Other underlying causes include previous irradiation for head and neck malignancy and diabetes mellitus. Staphylococcus is the most commonly implicated organism but a wide variety of anaerobes may also be found.


Treatment is directed at the underlying cause. Cellulitis can be controlled with antibiotics but abscesses require surgical drainage.

Imaging Findings


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