Multifetal Pregnancy

Multifetal Pregnancy

Dizygotic twins

Arise from two separate fertilized ova (Zygotes) (Figure 26.1).

Each embryo with its own amnion, chorion, and yolk sac.

Dichorionic/diamniotic (DC/DA) twin pregnancy.

Two placentas or one fused placenta.

Monozygotic: Arise from the division of a single zygote.


Division of zygote during first 3 days of postconception.

Two embryos with two amnions and two chorions.

Two placenta or one fused placenta.


Division occurs b/w 4–8 days postconception.

Two embryos, two amnions, and two yolk sacs within a single (one) chorion.

Single placenta.


Division after day 8 of postconception.

Two embryos within a single (one) amnion and single (one) chorion.

Conjoined twins

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