Anatomy in Coronal MPRs

Anatomy in Coronal MPRs

The images on the next four pages illustrate the sectional anatomy of the abdomen as it appears in coronal reconstructions. These multiplanar reconstructions (MPRs) can be generated from the original three-dimensional data set in any desired slice thickness and with any interval or degree of overlap between adjacent slices. Only the initial collimation sets the limits of the spatial resolution along the Z-axis that can be achieved in the reconstructions (see p. 9).

The numerical labels are keyed to the “Thoracic and Pelvic Diagrams” fold-out key on the back cover flap of this book. Sections through the anterior abdominal skin and subcutaneous tissue are omitted here so that portions of the air-(4) filled stomach (129) and colon (143) and a partial anterior section of the liver (122) are directly displayed in Fig. 210.1 . Sections of the mesenteric vessels (108) are found between the loops of small bowel (140) and the ascending, transverse, and descending limbs of the colon.

Fig. 210.1a
Fig. 210.1b
Fig. 210.2a
Fig. 210.2b
Fig. 211.1a
Fig. 211.1b
Fig. 211.2a
Fig. 211.2b

Please note significant calcifications (174) of the arterial walls of the infrarenal part of the aorta (89) and both common iliac arteries (113) on both sides ( Fig. 211.2 ), which can be found frequently in elder patients.

Fig. 212.1a
Fig. 212.1b
Fig. 212.2a
Fig. 212.2b

In coronal views, the width of renal parenchyma (135) can be evaluated – and eventual side differences (not presented here) could be detected more easily. Fig. 212.2 shows a common finding of a benign renal cyst (169) at the lateral border of the left kidney (135) with a sharp outline towards the perirenal fatty tissue (2).

Fig. 213.1a
Fig. 213.1b
Fig. 213.2a
Fig. 213.2b

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