Diffuse Pulmonary Lymphangiomatosis

Diffuse Pulmonary Lymphangiomatosis

Melissa L. Rosado-de-Christenson, MD, FACR

Axial NECT of a patient with diffuse pulmonary lymphangiomatosis and chronic dyspnea shows smooth image interlobular septal thickening and thickening of the peribronchovascular interstitium image.

Axial NECT of a young patient with diffuse pulmonary lymphangiomatosis shows mediastinal lymphadenopathy image and mild induration and soft tissue infiltration of the anterior mediastinal fat image.


Abbreviations and Synonyms

  • Diffuse pulmonary lymphangiomatosis (DPL)

  • Synonym: Diffuse pulmonary angiomatosis; uncertain nature of vascular abnormalities

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