Hands and Feet: Soft-Tissue Alterations


Hands and Feet: Soft-Tissue Alterations

Table 5.66 Hands and feet: soft-tissue calcifications (localized)




Myositis ossificans

Fig. 5.107

Fig. 5.108a–c


Fig. 5.109a–c, p. 570


Subcutaneous fat necrosis

Bone tumor

Progressive systemic sclerosis (Thibierge-Weissenbach syndrome)

Fig. 5.107 Myositis ossificans in the vastus medialis after trauma (arrows).
Fig. 5.108a–c Juxtacortical myositis ossificans. (a, b) One month after trauma, a region of extraskeletal ossification has developed adjacent to the proximal fibula (arrow in b). (c) Increased fluid signal intensity is seen between the new bone formation and underlying fibula on T2-weighted MRI (arrow).
Fig. 5.109a–c Hemangioma with phleboliths (a) produces saucerization of the distal fibula. MRI shows avid enhancement and periosteal reaction on T1-weighted fat-suppressed imaging (b) after the administration of gadolinium and the contributions of blood vessels on time-resolved imaging with contrast kinetics (c).

Table 5.67 Hands and feet: soft-tissue calcifications (generalized)





Fig. 5.110

Muscle calcifications.

Increased T2-weighted signal intensity and enhancement in muscles on MRI may help direct area for biopsy.

Connective tissue disorders

Fig. 5.111

Amorphous and punctuate calcifications in the subcutaneous soft tissues.

Vitamin D toxicity

Diastrophic dysplasia

Premature calcification of the cartilage.

Premature costochondral calcification. Scoliosis, clubbed feet, malformed pinnae, cleft palate. Hitchhiker thumb.

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva

Intermittent progressive heterotopic bone replaces skeletal muscle and connective tissues.

Malformations of the great toes.


Soft-tissue calcifications.

Precocious senility with early death from coronary artery disease.

Fig. 5.110 Dermatomyositis with muscle atrophy, diffuse bone demineralization, and soft tissue calcifications (arrow).
Fig. 5.111 Systemic lupus erythematosus with soft-tissue calcifications.

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