Jugular Foramen Hemangiopericytoma

Chapter 171

Jugular Foramen Hemangiopericytoma


Hemangiopericytomas are vascular tumors that occur mainly in adults. In the pediatric age group, these tumors are almost exclusively seen below the age of 1 year. Hemangiopericytomas represent 1% of all vasoformative tumors and most of them occur in the extremities and retroperitoneum whereas 20% occur in the head and neck region. They may be found in the sinonasal area, orbit, lacrimal sac, or jugular foramen. About 50% of cases are malignant, and distant metastasis, although rare, may occur, especially to the lungs.

Clinical Findings

Patients with sinonasal tumors usually present with a history of epistaxis, nasal obstruction, or discharge. Facial pain may be related to associated paranasal sinusitis secondary to tumor obstructing the drainage pathways. Patients with a jugular foramen lesion may present with pain or cranial nerve palsies.


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