Rectal Prolapse and Intussusception

 Rectal mucosa protrudes no more than 1 inch below anus (shown on defecography)

• External (complete) prolapse (procidentia)
image All layers of rectum protrude through anus

image Diagnosis made on physical exam or defecography

• Rectosigmoid (internal) intussusception
image Proximal rectal ± sigmoid mucosa telescopes into distal rectum; rarely through anus
– Often “pinches off” base of anterior rectocele

– Contributes to sensation of incomplete evacuation

image Diagnosed on defecography or MR

• Rectal ulcer syndrome
image Traumatic or ischemic ulceration of rectal mucosa associated with disordered evacuation

image Diagnosed on barium enema or sigmoidoscopy

image 95% of affected patients have internal intussusception

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