18 Megacava with Bilateral Iliac Vein Filtration


Clincial Presentation

A 49-year-old female with intracranial metastases presented with a left lower extremity deep venous thrombosis. An inferior vena cava filter was requested.


Figure 18-1 Megacava with bilateral iliac vein filtration. (A) Inferior vena cavogram showing megacava. (B) Fluoroscopic image after bilateral iliac vein filtration showing Simon Nitinol filter in right common iliac vein and Bird’s Nest filter in left common iliac vein.

Radiologic Studies


The right common femoral vein was punctured using the Seldinger technique, and the needle was exchanged for a pigtail catheter that was positioned in the inferior vena cava. Cavography revealed marked enlargement (> 5 cm) of the inferior vena cava (Fig. 18-1A).





  • Puncture needle or micropuncture kit
  • 5F pigtail and endhole catheters
  • Vena cava filters

Inferior Vena Cava Filter Insertion

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