Chapter 41



Adenocarcinomas can be considered glandular malignancies of the major salivary gland that cannot be placed in the other more definable malignant categories. It is possible that some lesions may arise from longstanding pleomorphic adenomas or adenoid cystic carcinomas. Adenocarcinoma of the parotid gland has distinct histologic features that separate these tumors from adenoid cystic carcinoma and mucoepidermoid carcinoma. Adenocarcinoma constitutes up to 15% of parotid malignancies. There is no gender predilection.

Clinical Findings

Adenocarcinoma is more common in older patients; however, these tumors have been reAported as early as the second decade of life. These neoplasms may have a variety of clinical presentations that may be associated with the grade of the tumor. Some tumors will present as painless, slow-growing masses. Other lesions are painful masses that are rapidly enlarging.


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