Interventional radiology classic cases

A wire is placed through the stenosis in the common iliac artery. A balloon is inflated to dilate the narrowing (arrowheads). Note: contrast material is black

48.2 IVC filter


A self-expanding umbrella-like structure or IVC filter (arrow) is placed in the IVC to prevent passage of large emboli to the lungs

48.3 CT-guided biopsy


With the patient lying prone a biopsy needle is placed to gain a tissue sample of a large pleural mass

48.4 Colonic stent


A self-expanding wire-walled stent (arrowheads) is placed via the rectum across an inoperable tumour of the sigmoid colon

48.5 Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiogram (PTC) with biliary stent insertion


A wire is passed via the liver through a dilated biliary system (*) and into the duodenum. A stent is placed to relieve an obstruction caused by a pancreatic mass

48.6 JJ-ureteric stent


A double pigtail catheter or ‘JJ stent’ is positioned within the ureter passing from the renal pelvis to the bladder. The patient had recurrent bilateral renal calculi/stones. Multiple phleboliths/venous calcifications (arrowheads) are also seen in the pelvis outside the path of the ureters

Vascular intervention

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