MR Imaging of the Knee

Kirkland W. Davis, MD, Editor
MR imaging has become an indispensable tool in the diagnosis of a wide range of knee pathology. Knee scans are among the most frequently performed in most MR suites, and the knee often is the first joint that residents feel comfortable interpreting. However, the knee mirrors the broader musculoskeletal system in that it is deceptively complex. It continues to present new challenges as our technology advances, our understanding of anatomy and biomechanics evolves, and our desire to investigate pathology in finer detail and in more challenging circumstances only increases.

This issue on MR Imaging of the Knee takes a fresh look at the basics of imaging the menisci, ligaments, and tendons; affords a comprehensive look at MR imaging in the pediatric knee; provides new perspectives on the biomechanics of knee injuries and assessment of knee arthritis and regional inflammatory conditions; summarizes the current thinking on MR imaging after surgery on the menisci and on articular cartilage; and addresses the latest and ongoing developments in assessing cartilage degradation as well as MR imaging in the setting of knee hardware. This all-star team of authors has produced a wonderful set of works, and I offer them my heartfelt thanks and gratitude. It is my hope and expectation that this issue will be a useful tool for the radiologist and nonradiologist alike and will provide new, helpful, and exciting information for all those interested in the knee, from trainee to expert. Moreover, I hope that all find this to be enjoyable reading.

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Sep 18, 2017 | Posted by in MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING | Comments Off on MR Imaging of the Knee

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