Sphenoethmoidal Polyps

Chapter 91

Sphenoethmoidal Polyps


Isolated sphenoethmoidal recess polyps are rare. These polyps represent a group of lesions of various histologic types. When these lesions extend inferiorly, they present as a mass in the nasopharynx. Sphenoethmoidal recess polyps are mainly found in adults, and they constitute 28% of all isolated sphenoid sinus disease.

Clinical Findings

The most common presenting symptom is nasal obstruction followed by headache. Patients may be asymptomatic and the lesion discovered only incidentally. These lesions can be easily evaluated with nasal endoscopy and biopsy.


The majority of sphenoethmoidal recess polyps are inflammatory in origin. The etiology of these polyps is unknown but is certainly related to retention cysts, chronic infection, or allergy. Inflammatory polyps can be classified as edematous, glandular, cystic, and fibrotic. Sphenoethmoidal polyps may also represent neoplastic disease such as inverted papillomas.

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