Abdominal CT anatomy

35.1 CT Abdomen: upper abdomen


A – Aorta

Ad – Adrenal gland

B – Bowel

CAx – Coeliac axis/trunk

Gm – Gluteus muscles

Ic – Iliacus muscle

Im – Ilium

Iv – Iliac vessels

IVC – Inferior vena cava

K – Kidney

L – Liver

Musc – Muscles of abdomen and back

MV – Mesenteric vessels

P – Pancreas

Ps – Psoas muscle

PV – Portal vein

Sac – Sacrum

Sp – Spleen

SpV – Splenic vein

St – Stomach

U – Ureter

V – Vertebral body

Abdominal anatomy seen on CT

CT is superior to plain X-ray imaging in demonstrating abdominal anatomy. Data is usually acquired during the portal venous phase of contrast agent enhancement (approximately 60 – 70 seconds post-injection) to optimise delineation of the liver, which derives its primary supply from the portal vein. Important structures visible on abdominal CT include:

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