Chest CT classic cases II

34.1 Primary lung cancer (soft tissue windows)

A large spiculated mass is seen adjacent to the pleura in the posterior right lung (arrow). This was biopsied under CT guidance and shown to be a squamous cell carcinoma

This patient had a known history of breast cancer. Note the right breast is absent following mastectomy. The normal left breast tissue is marked (*). There are multiple small lung nodules that are metastatic deposits. There is also a large round mass next to the right side of the heart (arrow) and a pleural effusion (arrowhead) seen posteriorly in the chest on the right

There is a large confluent mediastinal lymph node mass. This is located between the aortic arch and the pulmonary artery (not shown) in a space known as the aorto-pulmonary window. The mass was found to be a lung cancer and is causing deviation of the trachea (*) and oesophagus (arrowhead) to the right

The left lung is encased in grossly thickened pleura (*). This patient has end-stage mesothelioma. The tumour mass has started to deviate the mediastinal structures towards the other side of the chest

Lung Cancer (see Chapter 14)

A lung cancer may be suspected from appearances on CXR (e.g. a focal mass or lobar collapse) or from the clinical history (e.g. cough and weight loss in a smoker). However, further imaging with CT is required for TNM (tumour, nodes, metastases) staging and for planning of procedures such as biopsy and surgery.

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