Fig. 110.2

(AB) Axial T2WI through the frontal lobe.

Fig. 110.3

(AB) Axial FLAIR through the frontal lobe.

Fig. 110.4

Axial GRE-T2* WI sequence through the lateral ventricles.

Fig. 110.5

(A) Axial T1WI and (B) Sagittal T1WI postgadolinium through the lesion in the left frontal lobe.

Supratentorial Ependymoma

Primary Diagnosis

Supratentorial ependymoma

Differential Diagnoses

Atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor

Primitive neuroectodermal tumor


Choroid plexus carcinoma

Imaging Findings

Fig. 110.1: (A) Sagittal T1WI showed a large, subcortical, solid-cystic mass in the left frontal lobe that is iso- to hypointense. (BC) Axial DW MR images showed restricted diffusion in the solid component of the mass. Fig. 110.2: (AB) Axial T2W images demonstrated a large frontal mass, with low signal on T2. Fig. 110.3: (AB) Axial FLAIR images showed a moderately hyperintense tumor with central areas of high signal intensity due to necrosis. Fig. 110.4: Axial GRE-T2* WI sequence showed hypointense areas in the solid component representing hemorrhage or calcifications. Fig. 110.5: (A) Axial T1W and (B) Sagittal T1W postgadolinium images demonstrated a moderate enhancement of the tumor with non-enhancing areas of necrosis.

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