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A.  Pivot shift B.  Hyperextension C.  Clipping D.  Dashboard 2 Which of the following correctly matches the extensor tendon with its appropriate dorsal wrist compartment? A.  Extensor pollicis longus—compartment I B.  Abductor pollicis longus—compartment II C.  Extensor…

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Tumors and Tumor-Like Conditions

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A.  Forestier disease B.  Plantar fasciopathy C.  Plantar fibromatosis D.  Morton neuroma 4 A 45-year-old male presents to his primary care provider with a palpable mass. The patient was informed the mass is benign….

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Kidneys (Native and Transplant)

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A.  Contrast-induced nephrotoxicity B.  Acute tubular necrosis C.  Pyelonephritis D.  Recent exposure to gadolinium-based contrast material   2    A 61-year-old female with an incidentally discovered renal mass undergoes an abdominal MRI. Which finding on T1-weighted dual-echo…

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